Hell Bells – ACDC

Another great classic song from Australian rock band ACDC, Hells Bells – a simple song and an easier one to play on guitar, especially for beginners. It’s from the Back in Black album release in 1980. powerful vocal from Brian Johnson, signature twin guitar sound of brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. Cliff William on bass and Phil Rudd on drums.


Chorus lyrics are:

Hell’s bells
Yeah, hell’s bells
You got me ringing hell’s bells
My temperature’s high, hell’s bells

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Thinking about buying a new guitar

I play guitar bit, although still learning. The main guitar I play is a Yamaha electric guitar which I bought 25 years ago!. It’s been modded over the years, new pickups, switches etc, but feel it’s maybe time for a new guitar.

Not sure what I might get. I have always liked Ibanez guitars, so might be thinking along those lines. Want something with a double humbucker for the crunchy metal stuff I like to play, and fast fret board. I have bought guitar accessories on eBay and Amazon before, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a guitar online that I hadn’t played before. Think I will stick to guitar stores for that. Found this cool site that lists hundreds of guitar store all in the one place. http://www.guitarstoredir.com